International Member Info

Last Updated on: March 16th, 2018, 1:10 AM

Offer Information

On Free Treasure Chest, only the following countries have offers available to them: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

If you are an International User from outside of these countries, who belongs to any of the 200+ countries where PayPal is accepted (here is the full list: PayPal Countries), the Offers page will show NO OFFERS AVAILABLE, as well as this notice you are reading now.   Since those countries outside of those listed above do not have offers available for them, we do not have any offers for you to complete to meet your requirements on this site.


You can still qualify on our sites, and promote within those countries that DO have offers available to them!  In order to promote and get your sites cleared and greened, International Affiliates will need:

  1. A valid PayPal account.
  2. the ability to post ads, and market in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and/or Australia.

As an International Account member, your status will remain unqualified until you refer someone from one of the above listed countries that goes on to earn 1 full credit credit on that network site.

When you have a qualified referral who earns their 1 credit, just send in a support ticket on that site saying that you have, and three things will happen at that time:

  1. Your first completed referral will be marked as "used" (They will still have their own full credit, but their credit will be used to mark YOUR site as completed, rather than allow you to cash out on them)
  2. Your account will be credited in full, which activates your account and qualifies you to start earning money...
  3. your sponsor (the person that referred you) will get paid for your first referred completion.

In this way, the person who referred you is compensated for their efforts, and you then become "cleared" on the site to start earning money for all qualified referrals you get from that point on.  REMEMBER: You MUST submit a support ticket as soon as you have a completed referral in order to have this taken care of for you!

Now, if you signed up on our sites WITHOUT being originally referred to the sites by another member, or have extended your account to other sites without being referred to those, you can request a "Free Green" so that you can get started.  A "Free Green" means that you are given a full credit on the site requested, and are able to start using that site immediately.  This ONLY applies to international users that do not have offers available to them.  To get a "Free Green", just put in a support ticket on the site you would like to get credited and ask for a "Free Green".  We will take care of it from there.

If you ARE referred by another user to the sites, you may NOT get a free green.  The person who referred you worked hard to place ads and worked to get your sign up on the site.  Please do not ask us to give you a free green if you were referred to the site.  Your ticket will be closed and go unanswered.  It is not fair to the person who referred you, or to us, to ask for a free green if you were referred here by another member of our network.